Mealworm Bluebird Feeder (Blue)

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This blue metal Bluebird feeder features a dishwasher safe blue glass mealworm cup and barrier guard.  The feeder is surrounded by vinyl coated mesh with 1 1/2 inch openings to keep out other species.   The top and bottom plates are fully galvanized steel and powder-coated for years of durability.

This feeder features a hanging cable that you can use to hang off of a pole or a tree.

  • 14" W x 8" H
  • Made In America

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I paint the Eastern White Pine bird houses?

Left alone, these bird houses will last many years and turn into a beautiful silver-gray color that blends in well with the environment. This is what attracts the most birds as they prefer camouflage.

If you would like to paint the exterior of the house (never paint the interior), please use non-toxic water-based acrylic paint. Alternatively, you can also stain the house with non-toxic Tung Oil or Boiled Linseed Oil.

Do the suction cups stay on the windows through rain and storms?

All window bird houses and feeders are built with 100% pure silicone suction cups. They will stick indefinitely if applied correctly. You must prepare the surface first with warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately before installation. Then lightly moisten the cups with a tiny amount of soapy water before sticking them on.

How To Hang The Bird Houses

Please refer to this page for directions

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Many birdhouses on the market do not provide good habitat for birds. The hole size must be just large enough for the species to get in the house while keeping out predators. Dimensions must be correct to encourage the correct species to nest there. They must drain properly for proper health of the birds. Our bird houses open up with easy access for the annual cleaning that must take place.

Higher end houses will have a wood or slate guard to keep predators from enlarging the hole. Overhangs on the houses also discourage predators. On the same note, pegs are an undesirable feature for most birds as they aid predators.

Only sustainably-grown solid wood is used on all of our birdhouses, and is kept slightly rough to aid in traction. Wood is porous enough to allow moisture and heat to escape during the summer - metal and plastic houses can get very hot! Never use a bird house made from plywood or fiberboard as they contain toxic chemicals and will warp.

All of these houses are handcrafted in America, with attention to detail that will not be found in overseas sweatshops.

We believe that these expertly designed houses are the best on the market, and our customer reviews agree!

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