How To Find The Perfect Bird House

Many beginning birders (bird enthusiasts) purchase a bird house at a local discount store and later find that it does not attract any birds, or even worse, rots and spreads disease. It is tempting to select a birdhouse on its charming appearance, but this is for decoration - not attracting birds. Birds want a sturdy, protective space that un assumably blends in with the environment.


Features of a good bird house


Bird House Design

Several factors go into bird house design including using materials that breathe, dimensions appropriate for species nesting, proper drainage, and ventilation to prevent the house from overheating. Most birdhouses are cheap overseas clones that don't take any of these factors into consideration. Choosing the proper birdhouse means the difference between a simple garden ornament and a lovely garden full of songbirds.

Anti-Predator Features

Each of our birdhouses has the perfect size opening to let the birds in while keeping predators and non-native birds out. Many include predator guards - if you want one just ask and we'll install it for you. We even have university-researched designs that resist the non-native House Sparrow which is notorious for viciously killing beloved Bluebirds...but the population of the Bluebird is bouncing back thanks to the conservation efforts of people like you.

Easy Cleaning

All of our birdhouses open up for the easy annual cleaning, and some open on two sides so that you can view your birds through a plexiglass window without disturbing them.


Our birdhouses have been designed by wildlife experts and we use ecologically sustainable materials whenever possible. With a little care, these natural bird houses and feeders will last many generations and provide your family with years of pleasure conserving our natural resources, teaching them about the circle of life and watching them perform amazing aerial acrobatics.

Additional Support

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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