Our houses and feeders are ornithologically correct for proper dimensions, hole size and ventilation. Made from sustainable materials, they are designed for optimal wild bird health and long life.

Bread Box Mirrored In-House Bird Feeder
Panoramic In-House Window Bird Feeder
Bread Box In-House Bird Feeder
Mealworm Bluebird Feeder (Blue)
Mealworm Bluebird Feeder (Copper Tint)
Dove Proof Bird Feeder
Sunflower Seed and Peanut Hearts Feeder
Mirrored Windowsill Bird Feeder
$70.78 - $66.95
Double Suet Cake Bird Feeder (Evergreen)
$70.78 - $66.95
Double Suet Cake Bird Feeder (Copper Tint)
Port Hole Bird Feeder (6 Inch)
$73.00 - $59.99
Seed Cylinders and Suet Balls Bird Feeder
Cottage Bird Feeder
Large Screen Bird Feeder
Customizable Bluebird Bird Feeder
See-Through Window Bird Feeder
Squirrel Peanut Feeder Box
Upside Down Single Suet Feeder
Double Suet Feeder